Day 3 (PM) IT Bytes (III) 21st Century STEM Skills

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

What ICT skills will students need for workplaces that involve mathematics and science?

  • Spreadsheet
  • Data Collection tools
  • Simulation
  • Communication tools
- MOE's ICT framework: Baseline ICT Standards for Pupils

- NP's e-Competencies Framework: Generic e-Skills and e-Tools [Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 Competencies]

  • Learning by Doing: Software Skills, Simulations and Situated Learning
  • Learning by Collaborating
  • Learning by Researching
  • Learning by Reflecting
Applied English at NP

Tool for keeping track of research and citation

Do we... Apply Math to Real Problems?
>> DON'T!
Rather, start with real problems and get students to observe, conjecture, measure, analyse, propose - and think mathematically.

Some tools...


ICT APPLICATIONS / TOOLS... what potential????
(i) Geogebra
(ii) Wolfam Alpha
(iii) Exploring Mathematics
(iv) Communicating Mathematics
(v) Stretching the students
(vi) Data Visualisation

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