Day 1 (AM) Introduction to Applied Learning

Activity 1: Characteristics of Applied Learners
  • Activity - About Each Other!
  • Through this activity, characteristics of Applied Learners were surfaced.
Activity 2: What's Applied Learning
  1. Qualifications & Curriculum Development Authority
  2. Applied Learning Curriculum and Assessment Guide (Senior Secondary Level) (developed by the Curriculum Council and Hong Kong Examination and Assessment Authority 2009
  3. The Chinese University of Hongkong - Applied Learning Courses
  4. New Horizons for Learning
  5. Applied Learning Standards (1995 California Department of Education)
  6. “What is applied learning?”: Exploring understandings of applied
    learning amongst beginning teachers. (Lyn Harrison
    Faculty of Education, Deakin University)
An example that illustrates how a lesson is designed such that learners acquire spreadsheet skills in the applied learning way : Learners Together - Learning to Use Spreadsheet - A Problem-based Approach

A useful website: -->

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